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Here are the ranks we have:
Grand Master: Legends Jeremy
Grand Master: Prime.Chic

Platform Leaders: (Master Jedi)
PC Master Jedi: TBD
PS Master Jedi : TBD
Xbox Master Jedi: TBD
Mobile Master Jedi: TBD

Squad Leaders
Master Zombie Jedi:
Xbox: TBD
Mobile: TBD

Recruitment Officers:
Zombie Jedi Enlistment Officers: (Need for all Platform)

Members: (Jedi)

Recruits: (Zombies)
Welcome Zombie Jedi Gaming Clan. We are a NO CHEAT GAMING CLAN. Come join us and help rebuild the clan. We started back with Socom on Playstaion 2 and we have done tournaments and won numerous times. Old clan names we used are Capt'n Clan, Faceless and Lizard's Army. We are always undefeated